Meet the Team


Dr. Susan Wang

A 2002 graduate of University of Otago in New Zealand, Susan has worked within dental practices across Melbourne, Wellington, and Geelong.

Susan is a firm believer in preventative dentistry. She prides herself on providing quality dentistry, based upon open communication and an understanding of her patient’s needs. She finds joy and satisfaction in helping people overcome their fear of dental treatments and finding confidence in their smiles.

As the mother of 2 young boys, she has known first hand the challenges and rewards of breastfeeding. As optimal breastfeeding for newborns provides vast benefits for babies’ health as well as having positive impact on their jaw development, Susan has special interests in infant tongue-tie and is a keen supporter for breastfeeding mums and their babies.

In her spare time, Susan loves to travel and explore Melbourne’s food scene.

Dr. Nick Yu

Nick graduated from University of Otago in New Zealand, with a Bachelor of Dentistry, in 2004. Since then, he has worked in Wellington, Geelong, and Melbourne.

As a firm believer that our oral health is related to the overall health of the body, Nick focuses his treatment goal on education and prevention and working with patients to help them achieve their optimal health.

With his passion for orthodontics, especially in early childhood jaw developments, Nick combines his knowledge in orthotropics and orthodontics to help children minimise the need for extensive orthodontic work.

A father of two, Nick is also a keen basketball player who enjoys travelling.

Dr. Natasha Nichols

Meet Dr Natasha Nichols! Natasha is Melbourne born and raised and completed her Doctor of Dental Surgery at the University of Melbourne. Natasha loves working with patients to ease their dental anxiety and achieving the best possible outcomes hand in hand with the patients.

Outside of dentistry Natasha enjoys playing futsal and netball with friends, exploring all the incredible food spots around Melbourne, and spending time with her cavoodle, Louis.